What to bring?

Unless there is a sentimental or special outfit, don’t worry about how your newborn baby is dressed. I have a variety of wraps, baskets and other props we can utilise throughout the shoot. Make sure to keep the diaper on your baby loose prior to the photography session to avoid lines or red marks on the skin. Also, avoid socks which can also often leave marks on the skin.

Bring along nappies, wipes, a cuddle blanket, a dummy (that always helps, even if it’s just for the few hours of the shoot and a bottle if bottle fed.)

My studio

All Newborn and baby photography sessions take place in my studio in Dunedin where I shoot with studio lights only. It is a calm, clean and warm environment.

During the session, the studio gets very hot, so dress comfortably and bring some water along.

I try to keep things as comfortable for your baby as at this stage they can’t regulate their own body temperature.

When to feed your newborn baby

During the session there will be plenty of time for feeding and cuddles. I would recommend feeding baby in the comfort of your own home just before you come for the newborn session. Once baby has a feed, they will be very sleepy for us and we can get those beautiful sleepy shots that we want. Look at other newborn photos and you’ll likely see sleeping newborns in most of the shots. That’s because while they’re sleeping they naturally fall into the best poses – and that means adorable baby photos! Their eyes will definitely open throughout the shoot, so we can capture those “waking” moments, too.

Siblings & Parent photos

When including siblings and especially toddlers, we ask that you bring a little help along. Sibling shots are normally done at the beginning of the session, this means that dad can either take them back home, for a walk or a play in the park. This allows us to have a quiet session time with baby alone.

What to wear for your session

Since I like keeping my portraits elegant and classic it is recommended that you choose colour tones that are neutral. Simple black or white shirts or earthy tones clothes would work best. This also goes for siblings.

Please stay away from bright colours and any logos on shirts.

What else you should know

While we will never leave baby unattended or in a precarious pose or prop, we do ask that you stay near your newborn baby with a hand on or near him/her at all times. If you’re not able to do so please bring along someone who can! Your baby’s safety is ALWAYS first priority.

I look forward to photographing your baby for you and creating lasting memories.